The Greek team addressed a mixed target group of total beginners with a significant age gap (25-50 years old). The workshop under the title “Learn the basics in Latin dances” by Kikis Kakoullis lasted 2 months for 4 hours every week.The methodology focused on teaching 3 different dances (Salsa, Bachata and Meringue) in rotation with the aim first to assimilate the basic steps in Salsa and in Bachata and secondly to learn the connection through the hands when dancing Merengue in couples both as leaders and as followers. The participants’ motivation for learning was to enrich their social life by joining Latin parties as an opportunity to enjoy and at the same time meet new people sharing the same interests in dance. However lack of self confidence was a serious barrier for most of them. As the method of learning through rotating patterns was evolving the group dynamic was empowered and eventually all participants managed to respond to the challenge.



The Portuguese team implemented a two days workshop for youth with cognitive and physical disabilities (in wheelchairs), from the “Rumo ao Futuro” institution. This work was developed in an Association (Rumo ao Futuro) that welcomes disabled individuals, during the day, and was carried out by all five teachers who participate in the Erasmus+ project. Through this activity it was possible for us to bring other segments of the population to dance while making it a means to develop various physical and social skills.



The Swedish team evaluated the international training, made follow up sessions together and shared  the knowledge acquired with various dance groups i.e. professionals, dance students, newcomers, amateurs, seniors, immigrants, disabled within the organisation and also dance classes with school pupils in nearby schools (Viksjöfors skola, Knåda skola, Rotebergs skola, Celsiusskolan, Lillbo skola) where the dance teachers had the chance to practice the inspiration from Joint Staff Training work (contemporary, classical, Indian, modern, street, hip hop, break, house, musical).