Trainers' training will be implemented on two parallel levels:

1) Internal: each partner organization will organize experimental workshops with diverse target groups. Dance trainers will test and pilot implement specific dance techniques in  two or more of diverse target groups: professionals, dance students, newcomers, amateurs, seniors, immigrants, disabled, children etc. The trainees groups will consist by 10 participants. The participating organizations who belong to the partnership  address different audiences therefore it is up to each partner to select the groups of trainees that will serve as its target group. 

2) External: within the frame of short-term joint staff training events each institution will organize 5 days learning activities for the partners dance trainers. Depending on the nature of the host organization and its scope of activity related to dance, it will demonstrate  its own exclusive training techniques and methods in order to transfer knowledge and experience in particular training modules to the dance trainers involved in the project. At the end group meetings will be held among trainers in order  provide feedback and suggest improvements on the proposed techniques.

Both initiatives will produce a number of  multicultural approaches which will undergo assessment and evaluation from all stakeholders in the partnership.

INTERNAL - Pilot Implementation

EXTERNAL - Short-term joint staff training events

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