• Field work activities:
    • a) Report on Dance Training in the 21st century, and
    • b) Education Report on the ongoing policies in dance training in each partner country.
  • Creation of common:
    • a) questionnaire to identify existing attitudes and further needs in dance training,
    • b) evaluation questionnaires for 1. Transnational Project Management Meetings 2. External Training Activities (SJSTE) and 3. Internal Training Activities (pilot implementation) and
    • c) monitoring tools.
  • External Training: Training of the European dance trainers through the SJSTE in partner countries.
  • Internal Training: Conducting workshops for diverse target groups - pilot implementation in each organization.
  • Group sessions with the aim to distinguish the most suitable methods for the diverse target groups.
  • Elaboration of a common model of alternative training methods and improved educational techniques that emerge from the experiences resulting from the partners.
  • Dissemination activities: developing actions to sustain and transfer the project work in various contexts at local, regional, national and international level.
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